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Guardian Boat Lifts unveils a new product line...

Free-Floating Lifts 

(4,000lbs to 25,000lbs)

This boat lift is designed for salt, brackish or freshwater and is free-floating, allowing it to be versatile and movable. The Guardian Boat Lift is a “level lifting” structure and frame. This Free-Floating lift can be tied to a boat dock or even a standard mooring structure. The design is primarily aluminum frame with stainless steel hardware, and marine grade polyethylene tanks.


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A Closer look

The Free-Floating lift can accommodate a wide-range and variety of boats, based on their design and weight. Our Free-Floating lifts' modular tank units have the capacity to lift 4,000lbs to 25,000lbs. The lift will come pre-assembled and once it arrives to the site, final completion is approximately one hour with a two person set up.


These lifts can be adapted at any time to fit a larger and/or smaller boat if desired. The Free-Floating lift is well-suited and can be placed on a stationary or floating dock system. This lift will effortlessly fit into a double slip, L or U-shaped slip and, most any square dock configuration.


The underside hull supports can be aligned and configured for nearly all boat designs, including inboard boats, outboard boats, I/O boats, and pontoon boats. The continuous, anti-slip platform on both port and starboard sides of the boat allows passengers to disembark safely and with ease.


Your Free-Floating Lift Comes With:


Viking Series

For Free Floating Lifts

Patents Pending

The Free-Floating Lift comes with the Guardian Boat Lifts™  RapidLaunch™ “Viking” series Controller, designed to accommodate the size of the lift and the weight of your boat. 

Product specifications

To download a PDF version, click below:

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