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Each RapidLaunch™ Controller offers a 3 Year Limited Warranty, is made in the USA, and includes a simple, easy to read button system. When you have your controller installed, you will receive a complete manual that includes all the instructions you'll need. It is equipped as a plug and play with exhaust hose, mounting brackets, and rust-free hardware.


Guardian Boat Lifts engineers and technicians will be happy to consult and trouble shoot with boat owners on any current Boat Controller issues.  This may mean being present on your boat dock or possibly removing part(s) of the controller and shipping to company for evaluation.  Depending on the location, technicians may be able to do an on-site evaluation or a Skype service call.  Prior to calling, please have make, year and model of the controller in question.


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 BL 100

Push Button

For Mounted Dock Lifts


 BL 200

Remote Control

For Mounted Dock Lifts


 BL 300

Fully Automatic

For Mounted Dock Lifts


Viking Series

Patents Pending

For Free Floating Lifts


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